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March 30, 2009


M McKay

Hope you're not turning into Victor Meldrew!
My 2009 policy is to ignore "fashion" gear and get on with the job!


I traveled down from Donegal for the show and found the majority of stand staff very friendly and helpful, bar one or two from the Nikon stand, (I must stress not Birmingham Camera staff ) otherwise my friends and I were very happy to have attended the show, and big thank you to those poor girls that had to endure the cold and greeted everyone with a smile in the hotel foyer.
p.s. We had lovely meal on the way home in Ardee for lest the price of burger in the hotel.

Azem Koleci

I went to PhotoFest and was good.
First of all, good that was at airport as I don't prefer much the city (I like Cork)!
It was well organised and especially the seminars that worth it.
I'd like to see more artists/photographers individuals promoting their work.
But enjoyable.

Charlie Giblin

I agree with you on the price difference, I priced a power pack for my camera/flash and was quoted 300-350 Euro, on checking today with Warehouse Express I can get the same item for 130.00 sterling (= E145.00 + p&p).
I too have been called Victor Meldrew for complaining about prices but do they really expect us to throw our money away? Regards Charlie

p.s. The lads from Nikon who were demonstrating studio shots inside the main hall entrance were more than helpful in explaining the techniques they were using. CG


Hi Dominic,

Please refrain from implying that Belfast is a foreign Country. Ireland is a 32 county state!!!!!!



Gerry, I recall going up North a few short years ago, being stopped at the border by
Foreign soldiers who pointed guns at me and asked what the purpose of my visit was and how long I planned to stay.
I was doing a wedding there and while at the brides home there were more Foreign soldiers ducking & diving in and out of her front garden.
The soldiers are gone now but they still use funny money up there!



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