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May 01, 2009


Margaret Moore

Agree 100% Dominic. What shocks me is how many families let perfect strangers into their homes with no proper contact information and almost no credentials available to be checked out...
It may be handy to have a photographer come to the house - handy for the photographer too as we all know the cost of providing comfortable and professional facilities for our clients - but it shocks me how vulnerable people allow themselves to be and how so many 'photographers' schmooze their way into people's homes with little talent and almost no reputation or track record behind them.
I think I had three years of college, and five years of apprentice/assisting/further education before I set up. Call me old fashioned but I thought training and education as well as talent is required to provide a professional service, and not just the means to buy a "good camera".
I have a "good cooker' but I am not a chef!!

Margaret M


I have been asked to point out that Alan Murphy, not Dominic, wrote this piece.


Actually, in my humble opionion, in this day and age it is sometimes not wise to give your full address - the reasons are simple from my point of view.

1. We live in the back and beyond with all our camera and computer equipment - there have been a number of burglaries in the area recently - should I advertise I am a photographer and my exact address to these people who might see us as an easy target?

2. I always give the area I live and if people want to contact us by either post or phone this is always possible even using the limited address I put on the website letter do find us.

3. If people genuinely want to visit it is no problem - ringing to ask directions is not a problem and asking anyone locally for directions will find us - its unlikely someone wanted to rob us will stop and ask for directions!!

Perhaps if your city based I can agree with this but living where we live we have to employ some sort of security and as far as I am concerned by using a shortened address is a good way of going about this.

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