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January 20, 2010



I do find it very hypocritical sometimes when photographers complain about the new kids on the block doing weddings. Where did they start out I ask?

The older generation of Photographer need to move with the times - they slate the Digital Camera - WHY - because most of them haven't a clue how to use one or the software. And they Dont want to learn.

Photographers live by their Product & Results - if a Newbie is producing crap then they wont survive - likewise if an Older Photographer is producing Crap - he also deserves to go -

I do agree - that we should not be giving away ALL Negatives - thats just crazy.



Here here Dominic, well said, good reading. You should publish that on some of those terrible bridezilla forums where every comment is about price price price.
Maybe they’ll listen, maybe they won’t but they do need to re-adjust their thinking on the printable DVD or the next generation will wonder why their Grandparents managed to record the wedding and their own parents didn’t!

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